We are Under One Sky. A collective of volunteers bound together by a shared desire to support marginalised and vulnerable communities.

On 2 April 2020, we started an EMERGENCY FOOD INITIATIVE  for homeless people left out on London’s streets during the lock-down. Every night since then, teams of our volunteers have walked the streets to deliver more than 5000 meals to rough sleepers lying on the deserted streets of our capital.

The homeless people we speak to feel betrayed by a government that promised to find them shelter during this crisis. They have nowhere to wash or go to the toilet, they are hungry, and they are scared about exposure to a killer virus. As Covid-19 wreaks its economic havoc, they are tragically being joined by new people forced out onto the streets every day.

The meal provided by Under One Sky is often the only thing that they will eat.

Our aim is to restore a sense of humanity to these forgotten men and women and our message is being heard. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the public we now have the additional funds and volunteers to increase the 200+ meals we already serve every night.

With your continued help, we can expand our reach to other parts of London and start addressing some of the other basic hygiene and clothing needs of this vulnerable community.

Please donate what you can, help raise awareness of this cause and join our campaign to end homelessness for good.

End Homelessness. For good!

If not us, who? If not now, when?

We’ve woken to choirs of songbirds and watched the buds break into leaf.  We’ve banged our pots and pans and whooped and cheered. We’ve tasted the power of a country united behind a common goal. We’ve done this together.

Who wants to blink back into the world, nervously stepping over broken bodies in doorways smelling of piss? Our sons and daughters. Eking out a half-life, dying in their forties as we haul shopping back to the tube. Are our rights not for them?

How can we call this progress? Our hollow boasts about science and technology, about finance and growth. How we made history together. They are empty. We are empty, if we tolerate this.

We who have taken so much can do this one small thing to build a better world for our children.

Can’t we leave them just that? Let’s make this history together.

We are Under One Sky. A collective of volunteers bound together by a shared desire to offer practical support to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ben Harding
UOS Committee Member

“In our seven years’ experience, we have never witnessed a more distressing situation for London’s homeless than the one unfolding right now. Ravaged by hunger and ill-health, exploited by drug dealers and failed by the authorities, hundreds of desperate men and women wander zombie-like in our streets at a time of unprecedented peril.”

Mikkel J Iversen
UOS Founder

‘London is so strange and sad’

“The government says it has housed 90% of those who were sleeping rough nationally by paying for hotel rooms, in an unprecedented drive over the past month to stop the spread of Covid-19, with 5,400 housed including 1,800 in 10 hotels across London. But in the capital, hundreds of tents and cardboard box encampments remain and conditions are getting much harsher for those still – or newly – on the streets.”

Amelia Gentleman in The Guardian





Since we started raising awareness of the plight of homeless people in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis on Mon 30 March, our fundraising efforts have surpassed all expectations.

We are committed to continue demonstrating compassion and most importantly providing nutritious food for our friends on the streets, until they have all been safely housed in hotels, as promised by our government. As always, your contributions are used exclusively for the purpose of purchasing ingredients and necessary supplies.